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Heidi Knudsen

Being born and raised in California has given me a rich environment for exploring the natural world, which is at the root of my love for fine art photography. I have had the pleasure of being instructed and influenced by the unique and individual talents of Cosumnes River College professors Patty Felkner, Jim West, and Kathryn Mayo. My work is a culmination of what I have learned so far about who I am as an artist.

I love combining processes, old and new, to create images that have a pictorialist feel to them.  I like to create layers of texture, using digital compositing tecniques and alternative processes such as cyanotypes printed on fine art paper or gum bichromate prints made to look weathered. I also use multiple methods to capture my images, including digital, film, pinhole cameras, or no camera at all.

Creating images that have a quiet beauty and nostalgia to them is important to me, as is a deep connection to natural elements. I also enjoy photogaphing people and animals, but I prefer to put them in a natural environment where they can interact with nature's beauty. Other photographers who have influenced my work include Julia Margaret Cameron, Joyce Tennison, Edward Weston, Wynn Bullock, and Brooke Shaden, just to name a few. I look forward to continuing to create unique works of art that represent my authentic self.

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